Macarons are delicious, but they sure can be finicky to make. If you’re just getting started with macarons, no worries, this kit walks you through the basics step-by-step. 

With this kit, you’ll get:
Our foolproof macaron and vanilla-almond filling recipes
Pre-measured macaron dry ingredients
An oven thermometer for exact-right baking
Piping bags for your Mac batter and fillings
Rainbow sprinkles for easy decoration
A Macaron Circle template
Access to the exclusive Mac Kit Facebook group, where a tutorial will be posted, resources provided, and your questions answered! 
Please note:

You will need to provide your wet ingredients (egg whites and butter) for this kit's recipes.
A Standing Mixer and whisk attachment OR sturdy bowl with hand-mixer with whisk attachments are required, as well as a Silicone mat or parchment paper

Home Mac Kit

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